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on this story. what an amazing kid, 9 years old. >> good morning, alex, amazing, indeed. bobby bradley's homemade ship is called the heavenly dream, and this weekend he showed the world why he's got a perspective on life unlike any other kid. in the sport of hot air ballooning, they say you need three things, experience, a clear understanding of weather and guts. things you don't typically find in 9-year-olds, but bobby bradley isn't your typical kid. this weekend he became the youngest person to pilot a hot air balloon solo. bobby hit 600 feet in the air over new mexico. >> it was amazing. it was the best feeling ever. >> reporter: it's an unofficial record because they had to build a special ultra light balloon. the law says hot air balloons have to be 16. >> i know i did it. >> reporter: balloon experts we spoke to say it's not so much the physical expert of a 9-year-old trying to handle a gondola like this one. it's the mental aspect that's difficult. this 9-year-old had to be ready for any type of emergency like a sudden change in wind pattern, a vertical collision, even a fire. b
. things you don't typically find in 9-year-olds. but bobby bradley isn't your typical kid. this weekend he became the youngest person 0 to pilot a hot air balloon solo. bobby hit 600 feet in the air over new mexico. >> it was amazing. it was the best feeling ever. >> reporter: it's an unofficial record because they had to build a special ultra light balloon, pilots have to be at least 16. >> i know i did it. either way at 9 i solo'd a hot air balloon and i don't think anyone younger has done it. >> reporter: experts say it's not so much the physical aspect of a 9-year-old trying to handle a gondola like this one, it's the mental aspect that's difficult. he had to be ready for any type of emergency like a sudden change in wind pattern, a vertical collision, even a fire. bobby's parents say he has nearly 30 hours of flight time so you can call him experienced, just don't call him balloon boy. >> 1,400 feet off the ground. >> reporter: that title remains with falcon heene, the colorado -year-old whose parents admittedly misled police into thinking falcon was inside this out-of-control flying
. >>> then, do it yourself fashions. if you want to save some money on some hottest trends, bobby thomas has easy ideas to create our own look at home like taping up someone's mouth. very fashionable. it's hot pink. >> this is taking a disturbing turn. >> i'm really worried about bobby. >> what did he do? >> nothing -- >> a fashionable mummy. okay? it's a summer favorite -- in today's kitchen, seafood. we're going to be serving up king crab legs and shrimp with former top contestant, roxanne talbott. >> a top look at the weather. >> show you what's happening as far as your weekend is concerned for tomorrow. light risk of storms mid atlantic tall way to the plains, sizzling hot in texas. for saturday, a risk of storms in the plains, sunny out west is going to be hot in the southwest and up to the east. sunday, sunday -- more heat through much of the country. the only big problem spot is going to be the plains and the >> we are starting the day with a few scattered light rain showers. once we get into the afternoon hours, thunderstorms may develop. >>> and that's the latest weather. >>> let's
, it was apparent that chess talent bobby fisher. his life is traced as the troubled genius from a promising beginning to a terribly dark finale. opinion. >> he penetrated the secrets of chess. he was the best player who ever lived. >> what would your ultimate aim be? >> a good chess player is paranoid on the board. but then if you take that paranoia to real life, it doesn't play so well. >> delighted to say we are joined now to talk about the film. liz, what made you decide it make a film about bobby fisher? >> the sorry itself. i mean it was 1972. the height of the cold war. and here america was obsessed by chess. it was the number one story. it bumped water gate. >> the focus was this sort of cold war showdown in the form two of men sitting at a table and also the character of bobby fischer populater in life, post '72, after winning this world championship, he declined and became a fugitive from the law in the u.s. >> i've seen and read a number of articles, reports and other filmed feature reports about bobby fischer. how is your different. >> this is the first film to examine bobby's li
. so if you want to weigh in on this hot topic for today, what do you think about this. bobby says now no when she brings that backy -- baby home you will feel different. the official wmar facebook fan page and leave your thoughts and continue to share them throughout the course of the morning. and this one likely to generate a lot of response. >>> news time 9:07 on this thursday. kick off in less than an hour you can support a worthy cause jeff myers will talk about alex's lemonade stand. we will tell you about that in a bit. and a southwest pilot in a bit of trouble this morning after some of his private conversations were caught for the flying world to hear and a fat free foods do, they help you lose weight? the register dietitian is here with the little bit of help maybe on what you need to know about what fat free means and that's straight ahead. but first, let's look at the first forecast on this thursday with justin. >> we are storm free. that's the case for most of us yesterday. today may not be the story. check out time-lapse from the maryland science center look overcast most
in 9 year olds. bobby bradley sin your typical kid. he became the youngest person to pilot a hot air balloon solo. he did so over new mexico. >> it was amazing. the best feeling ever. >> reporter: an unofficial record, they had to build a special ultralight balloon. balloon pilots have to be at least 16. >> i know i did it. i soloed a hot air balloon and no one younger has done it. >> reporter: it's not so much the physical aspect of a 9-year-old handling this, it's the mental aspect. the 9-year-old had to be ready for any type of emergency, like change in sudden wind pattern, a fire. bobby has 30 hours of flight time. call him experienced, but don't call him balloon boy. >> 1,400 feet off the ground. >> that title remains with falcon heine. his parent misled police into believing that he was inside this out of control flying saucer. this time around, no funny business. bobby bradley has flying in his blood. he comes from a long line of famous ballooners. his jacket comes from his grandfather, a decorated pilot. his grandmother helped him sew the balloon. his father troy piloted the
in streets in the united states. coming up, i'll talk with bobbie shriver and laurence tribe about their fight for homeless vets. >>> how do you lose track of nearly $7 billion? that's the question the pentagon is still trying to answer. a congressional watchdog says $6.6 billion in u.s. reconstruction money to iraq remains unaccounted for and actually may have been stolen now. nbc's jim miklaszewski is live at the pentagon. the "l.a. times" in a big cover story said that's enough money to run the l.a. and chicago public schools for a year. what happened here? >> it's not clear exactly what happened to all the $6.6 billion. it is clear that some of that would have been lost to inefficiencies and projects that were started and stopped and never restarted and the confusion in the fog of war. clearly as robert gates said recently about afghanistan, it's no-brainer that in the time of war, you're going to lose some of that money to just outright corruption. over the years, there have been a handful of u.s. military and others who have been arrested and charged with stealing small amoun
on the banks of the anastackia and -- >> my name bobby jones. >> like many other americans,. >> you can't get no work. i can't get none. nobody call me for work no more. >> the 54-year-old carpet later has joined the unemployed. in a few hours, he's pulled out a half dozen catfish. >> get some protein in you. >> yeah. >> river keepers say the numbers of people eating fish from the city's polluted rivers has steadily swelled with economic hard times. >> you got something? >> yep, yep, yep. small one. >> in anaskostya park, three long time unemployed friends. >> i still wouldn't eat out there. >> they are nasty. >> all the plants and stuff, they have all kinds of chemicals, you know in the water. >> well, they are all right. i ain't never had any bad one. >> environmental experts say what bobby jones is up to is not safe. >> catch it and release it. there is some contamination in our water. some of the fish have the tendency to accumulate. >> especially in bottom feeders like catfish. jones says he's too hungry to quit. >> i will try to catch some more. >> in southeast d.c., bruce leshan. >> if
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day. it's supposed to be the happiest day of your life, so of course you want to look good. bobbi brown has tips to get the romantic look for your big day. hard not to be romantic that day. >> she can do a good job making you pretty. we have a check of the top stories. natalie at the news desk. >> good morning. the space shuttle "endeavour" landed safely this morning wrapping up the final mission of a nearly 20-year career as "endeavour" returned to earth nasale rolled out the shuttle "atlantis" which is set for the final launch of the shuttle program on july 8th. after "endeavour's" 122 million miles in flight mark kelly said it is sad to see her land but she has a great legacy. >>> is it a family vacation or a run for the white house? with sarah palin's bus tour of the american northeast it could be both. mike taibbi is in lower manhattan with the latest. mike, good morning. >> reporter: it's hard to say at any given moment what sarah palin is up to or her husband todd who was seen getting into an airport taxi outside a jersey city hotel. i don't know what impact that may have o
on her mother. but her mother's name lost now. though there was a nickname, bobbie. and in those early years she was always, always there. her father, on the other hand, was absent mostly, long stretches away, punctuated by glorious reunions when she'd be bundled up like a china doll and bustled off to the harbor where the navy ships would come in. >> we would go see him because he was coming in from the navy so it was an exciting moment. she would get us all dressed up and it was the anticipation of going to the shippiard and having a lot of attention i think as a child. >> the memories are how she survived it, all the trouble. >> holding my mom's hand, having fun with my mom, being in the moment of joy. i don't have bad memories. >> oh, yes, those, the bad memories. like the day everything good went away. it was 1973, though she in her happy little childhood bubble, had no idea what year it was. she knows she was not yet 5, it was autumn, that somebody came to the door with a plan. >> i remember a woman coming over and knocking on the door. >> her name szwas
the checkered flag 2.5 seconds ahead of kurt busch again tying him with bobby allison and darrell waltrip for third most in nascar history. >>> today some pretty nice accolades for one of boxing's greatest fighters and one of the sport's greatest actors and writers. mike tyson and sylvester stallone were inducted into the international boxing hall of fame. tyson for his reign of the international champion of the world when which he took at the age of 20, stallone inducted for his six rocky series movies which he wrote, directed and started. it was a very emotional mike tyson. he could barely get out the words during his speech. >> he with talked a little bit about money and about what we wanted to be, but we wanted to be great fighters. [ applause ] >> hey, guys, i can't even finish this stuff. thank you. thanks. >> now that was a rare sight. we got to. go when we come back to look at the sights and sounds for the u.s. open coming up. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place
mexico today. in the skies over alburquerque, new mexico, now reaching unprecedented heights. bobby has become the youngest person ever to fly in a hot air balloon. with 30 hours of flight experience, a harness and helmet, he took off at dawn in his home made air ship and landed safely 26 minutes later. >> being bobby is nine years old, we're celebrating with sparkling sider rather than champagne. >> reporter: this isn't the first story about a boy and his balloon. you might remember the 6-year-old whose parents created an uproar reports their son was flying across colorado in a saucer. it turned out to be a hoax. plenty of other young minds have been determined to soar into the record books. jessica watson who sailed around the world by herself, and jordan romero, and 9-year-old bobby, the 26 minute flight today. his parents aware of the critics, but they're aware of their son's skill. >> i look forward to him having more flights and many more hours in balloons. the next celebration will be his pilot's license. >> what a beautiful shot. that is the broadcast on a saturday night. we are
questions for those actors out there. it's good questions. >> bobby kennedy, jr., is next. >>> in the manner of his politically famous family, lawyer and activist bobby kennedy, jr., has focused on a cause. the environment. he is working to stop mountaintop dynamiting for coal in appalachia. his efforts are featured in a new film the last mountain. it examines the conflict between big coal corporations and locals seeing their mountains ruined and their health threatened. in the "new york times" review of the film, janet writes, quote, the residents of the coal river valley in west virginia endure ear splitting explosions, raining boulders, toxic sludge and poisoned wells. the environmental horror story is filled with impearled school children, dust and cancer and autism clusters that defy statistical logic. take a look. >>> i have three sons who have asthma. we know asthma attack are caused by bad air, by ozone particulates and the principal source in our atmosphere are hundreds of coal burning power plants that are burning coal illegally it's been illegal for 18 years under the clean air ac
and he had his accent, john took him under his wing. he was broken hearted when he got killed. bobby frane. every time i look at a name, he's my favorite character. they called him body beautiful. he had a knack. back when saigon was calmer times a lot of the daughters and sisters and maybe some of the wives of american civilians working in the embassy would come in, and fs there was a cro which was like a pool and a little store and a liquor store and a bank, and everybody would end up -- it was within the embassy compound, and all these gals would always end up there. and bobby had this sixth sense. before word even got around there was a hot babe in, bobby would be out by the pool. you know? it was before six-pack abs were fashionable, but he had 'em. they called him the body beautiful. [laughter] duane, the black market king. short little guy. funny guy from -- he could get you if you want add chinese porcelain sword, if you wanted a french hooker, if you wanted a new cash rater for the motor pool, the black market king could get it for you. and he had this rough exterior. he tho
. >> we asked "today "show editor bobbi thomas to help out. she says she'll be judging their style as they compete. >> every group will have to work their hardest on three tasks. i would like for to you place the outfits head-to-toe complete looks on these racks. >> reporter: bobbie leaves and her hidden cameras keep rolling. >> let's see. >> let's see what happens. >> our lead bully wastes no time in ripping apart jessica's outfit. >> you didn't randomly pick out your outfit, you tried for that? even if you took off the gold vest there's still a lot of problems going on. >> reporter: the bystanders seem at a loss for what too do. >> wait i have a question, are you color blind? >> and mostly stay quiet. while the bullying makes their moms cringe. >> go sit down for a little bit. take a break. eat some m&ms. >> think some things through. >> ooh. >> rather than step in, these girls seem to be thinking for a distraction. >> shanee is busy on the wrack. let's look at the clothes. >> you might see as the things get worse, the girls a get more and more focused on the clothe
que se llamarÁ willow y naciÓ muy saludable, felicidades. >> el actor mexicano bobby arias estaba denunciando un bloqueo en las novelas y dijo que tendrÁ que abandonar su paÍs por falta de trabajo. >> desde la ciudad de mÉxico miriam guzmÁn nos cuenta masa. -mÁs. >> su nombre cobrÓ notoriedad en el aÑo 2003 cuando la noticia sacudiÓ a mÉxico, un joven actor bobby larios le habÍa arrebatado el amor a juan osorio, vivieron un apasionado romance, se casaron, hicieron un programa de televisiÓn y el amor que parecÍa a prueba de todo lo duro para toda la vida. hoy larios asegura que le saliÓ muy caro porque provocÓ el fin de su carrera como actor. >> sÍ, claro, juan lo tomÓ muy mal, ¿entiendes? pasaron cinco aÑos de eso, y te puedo decir que no he vuelto a hacer nada. >> la falta de trabajo la sentido en el bolsillo y aunque hasta hace poco no podÍa ver a su ex ni en pintura hicieron un pacto. >> yo te prometo por mi parte cero prensa, cero maldad, a mÍ eso me gustÓ ni me lo dijo muy francamente, estaba sentada frente a mÍ, me levantÉ le di un abrazo, y le dije lo
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are bobby white, reporter for "the wall street journal." josh richman, legal and political affairs reporter for the "oakland tribune." and john myers, sacramento bureau chief for kqed public radio from the capitol. john myers, it's been a hot place up there in sacramento. more than weatherwise. some details on just what happened with the budget the democrats and the governor. >> i tell you, belva, it's been a heck of an interesting week. it's been historic. we had the first budget passed by a majority vote in 78 years. we had the first veto of a budget by a governor in recorded history. and we -- and we start in the week the same place we started, which is with no budget at all. it feels really as though everything that we were talking about back in march is true here in june, which is the governor insists that his way is the right way. democrats in the legislature don't see any way to get republicans to go along, specifically with the tax package that governor brown has been talking about all year long. and here we are. we're stuck. we're two weeks from the beginning of the fiscal year and
's a passage in here about the night bobby kennedy is killed, and you're 12 years old, david? i was then. you've grown since then. you were 12 years old, and you were a volunteer with the bobby kennedy campaign. (bender) the presidential campaign in '68. (paulson) in california? mm-hmm. (paulson) and you were with rosemary clooney as well? well, she was-- i met her that night, and she was performing that night as artists-- she was one of those who had campaigned for robert kennedy. a lot of artists went out on the campaign trail for candidates, and i was with her that night. and actually, at the moment that senator kennedy was shot, i remember that it was the last time i've seen her, which was 32 years ago. she was supposed to sing at the overflow room downstairs, and the senator was supposed to exit one side of the stage where-- to see rosemary clooney, and at the last minute-- you can hear it on the tape. someone says, "this way, senator." and he goes the other way. what happened that night was obviously, for a kid-- i remember seeing people in shock, and i--you know, when you're 12, you've
skies. bobby bradley became the youngest person to solo in a hot air balloon. he enjoyed a half hour ride before making a perfect landing on a dirt road in new mexico. the small crowd of friends and family gathered to watch the historic flight. because of his age, bobby had to fly a smaller nonstandard sized hot air balloon. his parents are licensed pilots and they trained him for the solo flight. >>> look who's here, g force in for kim coyle. good to see you. >> that's good to see you. >> once again nobody called me about the color which is cool. >> eggplant tonight. >> is it plum? >> whatever you would like to call it. >> whatever. >>> i'm going with purple. coming up in sports nine innings not even close to finding a winner in the as and red sox game. who won the marathon at fenway? look who was bad at it at the memorial. steve stricker another one from way out his bird of choice no doubt the eagle. all the action coming up in sports. stick around. ,,,,,,,,,, man: everybody knows you should save for retirement, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go fro
. bobby bradley became the youngest person to solo in a hot air balloon. he enjoyed a half hour ride before making a perfect landing on a dirt road in new mexico. a small crowd of friends and family gathered to watch the historic flight. because of his age bobby had to fly a smaller nonstandard sized hot air balloon. his parents are licensed pilots and trained him for the solo flight. >> very cool. >>> extra time needed on the ice in game 2 of the stanley cup finals but not a lot of time, highlights from the canucks and bruins. the a's and red sox needed more time, how about 14 innings to decide a winner. the ump decided to call this guy, jonathan papelbon, you're out of there. sports is next. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to kn
apiece in boston. bruins hall of fame defenseman, bobby orr, a legend waving number 18, nathan horton flag, who took that devastating hit in game three, some say it was a cheap shot and will miss the rest of the series with a concussion. >> some say? >> all say. >>> boston strikes first, michael rider sends a shot under the glove of roberto longo, giving boston a 2-0 lead. longo was pulled later after giving up his fourth goal in the game. and trying to knock the stick out of goalie thomas' hands, thomas retaliates with a lumber jack swing to burrows' leg. you don't like to see that but like to see them mixing it up afterwards. 4-0, series tied at two games apiece. game five, friday night in vancouver, 8:00, stanley cup finals and nba finals to a three game series. >> that was a good story. >> sorry, i don't have time. you have to go on the internet to see what happens. >> yankees manager, joe gerardo said he did not appreciate this little move. i'm with you. get over it. uponpy hits a home run and anybodies the back. he connects again, puts the bat down. he couldn't say anything abou
history. this one in new mexico today. 9-year-old bobby bradley became the youngest person to fly solo in a hot air balloon. a small crowd of friends and family gathered to watch the historic half hour flight. because of his age bobby had to fly a smaller hot air balloon. his parents are licensed pilots and trained him for the sola journey. >>> it has happened again. a bounce house picked up by the winds and sent flying through the air. this time it was on a soccer field in long island. three of the houses got pushed across the field. one went airborne with children inside. 13 people were hurt by the injuries were minor. >>> investigators now know what caused the e. coli outbreak in germany that sickened hundreds of people including for americans. charlie d'agata saying investigators are now trying to figure out where it started. >> reporter: this 12-year-old boy had to fight for his life after falling critically ill with the deadly e. coli bug. his kidneys failed. >> i feel better now he says but when i sit up i get dizzy. >> reporter: the world health organization says german invest
, bobby johnson. >> this is really a very sad day for a family who lost a loved one. >> reporter: bobby johnson reacting to the news that former bart police officer johannes mehserle, who shot and killed johnson's unarmed nephew, oscar grant, will be released from an l.a. county jail on monday. >> this whole thing was staged. it was planned. it was acted out. and it has brought this type of conclusion. and this is where we're at right now. a state of disappointment. >> reporter: mehserle, who was convicted in july of involuntary monday slauter in the killing of grant on the fruitvale bart station platform new year's day 2009, he was sentenced in november to two years. there were riots in the streets of oakland, protesting the killing, and disappointment over the sentence the former officer received. grant's supporters felt mehserle should have served more time. we tried to get reaction from mehserle's family, his attorney, and supporters about monday's release. they did not return our calls. but liani solomon, who lives in oakland, had this to say. >> that was another human being's life
news for you. this morning's topic is mismatches. bobbie thomas with tips on how it's done. it sounds almost too good to be true. can you walk out the door in almost anything out there? >> absolutely. we have icons out there like la lady gaga. but it's fun. i've got fun examples. i decided to throw on -- >> you've got a little pattern-on-pattern look. >> yeah. throw on a belt and it's a quirky twist. >> let's show some of the looks. first we've got our feminine look. let's bring out our model melanie. this is sort of the floral-on-floral trend. >> people are always asking me what do you wear with a floral skirt. i went to a discounted department store to find mismatched pieces. you can play around the scale. notice that the top's a little smaller in pattern, it's kind of picking up some of the same colors with bigger bold on the bottom. >> those are some of the tricks. you find some tricks. >> stick with the color scheme. that will help you. there's a part of the nowener the bottom skirt that we use to pick up in the smaller flowers on the top. that can be a great tool. don't worry ab
. he is tied with darryl and bobby allison. jimmy johnson two and three in point standings. kyle and curt busch game in third in that race. >>> all right. dozens of golfers in town before the u.s. open starts for real on thursday. if you are looking for someone to root for, how about ricky fouler? the floppy-haired 22-year-old is the reigning pga tour rookie of the year. yesterday he showed his shot-making ability at the georgetown waterfront. i'm talking about golf shots, guys, okay? part of a promotion for red bull. all right. they build a makeshift tee box for fouler. they had him shoot at a makeshift green right on that, right there by sequoia. >> nice. >> and wouldn't you know -- >> no way. >> he makes it in the hole. this is -- >> that's impressive. >> unbelievable shot from 106 yards out. look at this thing. >> wonder what he was using. >> probably using a sand wedge. that's amazing. >> look at him. cool, yeah, i got it. one bounce and in. ricky fouler, rookie of the year will be at a congressional for the u.s. open which starts on thursday. by the way, all tickets sold ou
is bobby parnell out of the bull pen. he is ready. wait a minute. we don't want you. we want the other guy. parnell walked back with his tail between his legs. >>> here comes tim byrdak. that's the guy they really want. the only problem, he wasn't warmed up. scrambled to get his glove, ran to the mound. first batter he faced, home run. i'm no manager, but i don't think that was the right decision. luckily, the mix-up didn't hurt the mets, they won it 16-9. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> well, shila labeouf tries to extract his foot from his mouth. your entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> sure, it's one of the busiest airport, but never too busy to appreciate mother nature at work. we'll explain. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this thursday. nothing too dramatic to report to prepare you for your day. just a chance of showers and cool weather near oregon and washington state. the storm system moving through the inner mountain west causing storms for montana and salt lake city. the heat the next two days will be increasi
it together because that's who we are. >> bobby row is a good friend of the mets former owner. various jobs for the golden state warriors. they announced they are parting ways. new owner joe lacob bringing in his own folks and bob row not a member of the current troop. >>> serena williams says she's not a crier but today, very emotional after her win at wimbledon. now, 30 years of age, she's had a very, very rough year, all types of injuries and serena came out, won her match, says she never expected to come back and win a match at wimbledon. and she and venus are onto the next round. there's the scoreboard which we say with a good friendly sponsor. >>> all smiles, owners and player reps today, they are going to meet again in chicago. you know the business here. how much money am i going to get, how much money are you going to get, and if we're both happy then we'll hug, have a press conference and say, we were never mad at each other. we just wanted a fair shake for both sides. >> okay. thanks. >> but they are smiling. >> good night, everybody. captions by erik olson caption colorado, llc
speaker trooper bobby e. smith. >> we took an oath to protect and serve and take that very seriously. when we have one of our brothers or sister who do fall in -- or kill in the line of duty -- it breaks our heart because that is a brother or sister of ours, just like our own blood. >> smith was work as a state trooper in louisiana in 1986 when he was shot in the face and blinded during a routine traffic stop. he served as an inspiration for police and firefighters around the country. >>> the cal baseball team continues their cinderella story. this was going to be their last season due to budget cuts but after enough funds were raised, they were reinstate and are going to the college world series. >> down to their final out -- and that's a liner! long liner! caught! by campbell! it counts! that is it! heading to omaha! >> excited guys. they beat dallas 6-2 to advance to omaha, nebraska. the home run in the 1st got the bears started. this is cal's first appearance in a college world series in 19 years. college world series begins on saturday. >>> a loud and enthusiastic crowd greet
of ceremonies and trooper bobby smith will be the speaker. and he joins us live from the diablo country club. good morning, bobby. thanks for joining us. >> tori, good morning to you. >> in 1986 you were working as a as a state trooper in louisiana. during a a traffic stop you were -- during a traffic stop you were shot in the face and are blind. you have not let that deter you. what is your reaction to the news of the fall be firefighters. >> you know, tori, what's so sad -- we have cops, police officer and firefighters who put their lives on line. we don't know -- we don't know whether or not we're gonna come home at night after we step out of that car. it's very dishearstenning for us in this -- disheartening for us in this firefight a family. we took an oath to protect and search and we took that oath very seriously. when we to have one of our brothers or sisters killed, it breaks our heart heart because that is a brother or sister just like our blood. i would be lying to you if i told you when we get those reports across our desk, if we don't sit there with tears running down our face.
bobby liu.yoso t>>you. >>> still ahead, 5:00, gavin newsom and his wife make an announcement. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >>> lieutenant governor and former may or of san francisco, gavin newsom and his wife welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world today in san francisco. hunter siebel new some born after 9:00. we're told that these, of course, not pictures of him, pictures of the couple, hunter is 20.5 inches long, weighs 8 pounds 4 ounces, due june 19th, his mom's birthday but decided to come early. the newsoms have a daughter, montana 20 months old. congratulations to the newsoms. >>> high school graduation rates are a concern for schools across the country. in the bay area but not for one berkeley college prep school that's held its very
ilroy completed a record-setting victory at the u.s. open. at 22, he becomes the youngest open champ since bobby jones in 1923. check out this approach on 4. it will spin back to within a couple feet. he birdied to go 16-under par. led by 10 at that point. then on the 214-yard par-3 10th, mcilroy with a 6-iron so accurate. his ball lands above the hole. back to the cup. it will stop just a few inches from being a hole-in-one. he would shoot a final round 2-under par 69. no one could mount a challenge but self played -- several played well. garcia tied for seventh. mcilroy would complete his wire-to-wire victory with this tap-in. his 16-under par breaks the u.s. record by a whopping four. it's macill's first major championship. >> i could have held a couple more putts today. overall the whole week has been incredible. i could not ask for much more, and just so happy to be holding this trophy. >> last month the giants swept a three-game series from the a's at at that time at that -- at&t. today oakland got a a chance to return the favor. it's 1-0. that would be the only run cahill would give up. g
for the record bobby, the eir process having to do with the master plan, and as testify today, which you were here, we object to each of the items before you today. thank you. thank you. any other members of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed is closed. colleagues, can we approve this motion without objection? this is approved. now, at this time colleagues, i would like to motion had to consolidate these items. could i have a motion to that effect? a motion by supervisor farrell, seconded by supervisor mar. we will take that. now, we will look at what we are doing. mr. clerk, if you could please read agenda items 45 through 54. >> and no. 45 for the proposed library and playground. item 46 is a motion affirming the certification of the feir. item 47 is a reversing of the certification for the north beach boy library and the playground. item 48 is a preparation of findings. item 49 is a preparation of findings. item 52 is it about the zoning. item 51 is a hearing of persons of interest about the vacation of a one-block portion of a street for purposes of
bobby gendle. and governor hailey barber. these two governors showed you can get it right. and they did. they are marvelous men and i love them both. now earlier this week, i don't know if you caught it, but there was a republican presidential debate. it was held by cnn and up a little north in new hampshire. and i want you to know i learned a couple of things in that debate. i learned first of all that newt gingrich likes "american idol." i didn't know that, i learned that ron paul favors the blackberry. and i learned that herman cain likes deep dish pizza. and besides being a hard-core johnny cash fan, the world found out that i have christmas with elvis on my ipod. but you have to tell a little secret, you are not going to tell anyone? but i have to tell you, i was a little nervous and i didn't know if they were going to ask boxers or briefs. you know a girl never knows. but the debate i think did bring three things out in new hampshire that were very important. and the first is. this in contrast to the current administration, what we saw on the stage in new hampshire were leaders. p
-setting victory at u.s. open. at # 2, the irishman is the youngest open champ since bobby jones in 1923. after a birdie on one, check out his approach on 4. he sticks it just above the hole. it will spin back to within a couple feet. he'd birdie to go 16 under. led by 10 at that point. then on the 214-yard par-3 10th, mcilroy with the 6 iron. ball appears to come to a stop. then starts to roll again. it stops just inches from being a hole-in-one. he would shoot a final round 2-under par 9. several players played well but no one to mount a real challenge. garcia with the bump and run chimp on 12, would tie for 7th mcilroy would complete his wire-to-wire victory with this tap-in. his 16-under par total breaks the u.s. record by a whopping four strokes. jason day was second, eight strokes back. mcilroy's first major championship. >> i could have held a couple more putts today. i couldn't ask for much more, just so happy to be holding this trophy. >> rick: last month, the giants swept a three-game series from the a's at at&t park. today oakland had the chance to return the favor. going a ball game
and is the youngest open champ since bobbie jones in 1923. jason day came in a distant second. it is mcilroy's first major title. >> i got over the masters quickly. i kept telling you guys, and i don't know if you believe me or not. it is nice to prove some people wrong. >> last month the giants swept a three-game series from the a's at at&t park. today oakland had a chance to return the favor. going to a ballgame with dad is a great way to celebrate father's day. he was trying to get his first win in more than a month, but in the second he rips a double down the line. that though would be the only run he would give up. he got help in the third and he robs huff of an r.b.i. matt cain was pitching a shutout until the 6th. with two outs cocoa crisp comes up with a clutch hit. the game was tied. he came on in relief in the eighth. he gives up a solo blast to landon powell. that would be the difference as the a's complete the sweep 2-1 the final. it is oakland's fifth straight victory. >> we add great series at home. we won five straight. sometimes your pitching has to do it, and sometimes your hitting
night in boston. emotional in the pregame, bobby orr waving a number 18 horton flag. horton took that huge hit in game three, will miss the rest of the series with a severe concussion. to the action, 12 minutes into the game. boston strikes first. rich perverley finds the net. and a shove under the glove of robert luongo, giving boston a 2-0 lead. luongo was later pulled. and then knocking the stick out of the hand of goalie tim thomas. thomas etaretaliates were eye a lumberjack chop to the leg. big momentum swing in the series. they're now tied at two games apiece. game friday night in vancouver, 8:00 on nbc. >>> to baseball, red sox and yankees in the bronx. two days ago, joe gerhard do said he doesn't appreciate the way david ortiz flipped his bat and does a pirouette. last night, big papi, trust me, connects again, a two-run shot. there it is, a.j. burnett. no bat controversy this keim. jacoby else berry. derek jeter makes it 7-3. we show you that, jeter 11 hits away from 3,000. check this out, eduardo nunez fouls the ball off of his own helmet. that's just plain hard to do.
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